Snake or Mouse

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A word from the MouseOn President

Help defend decency from reptilian ravagers!

If you believe, as we do, that it's important to defend the innocent and protect fair play for everyone, then you need to join with us and the Mouse as we fight back against the slithering mistruths and fork-tongued slanders of the Snake and others like him. Not to mention against those needle-sharp teeth and unhinge-able jaws. They're just disgusting.

We appeal to your love of fair play, your basic concern for the small and furry, and, most of all, to the one great commonality most of us are proud to share: warm-bloodedness.

Our Reptile Rival would have you believe the bonds of community and society don't matter, or shouldn't apply to someone like him. But Snake's attitudes, just like his anatomy, haven't really evolved in millions of years. We may all be animals, yes, but we're not uncivilized – and for any of us to prosper and succeed, we've got to work together.

Join us in standing up for the underdog (or undermouse), and lending a helping paw to the little guy. Because when you "Vote Mouse!" by November 6th, you're voting for more than one mouse's survival – you're voting to preserve justice, equality and mammalhood!

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