Snake or Mouse

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A word from the FOTS President

Stand up for a less-infested America!

Friends, do you have faith in the natural order of things? Do you believe, as many of us do, that individualism and personal strength matter? That the achiever, the pathfinder, the pioneer, should have the liberty and freedom from authoritarian interference we all need to make a better world? To follow the laws put down for us by nature that entitle each of us to put a warm, fuzzy meal on the dinner table for ourselves and our hatchlings? Right before we gulp it whole?

Our Rodent Opponent would have you believe that the tepid white paw of Mousism – the creeping collectivism of the skulking, sneaking, soft-bellied swarms that creep in the shadows – should be able to reach in and disrupt the tooth-and-claw reality of how the world works.

But the irrefutable truth is that we should exalt those who are tough and scaly enough to stand their ground against the mendacious mouse-ification that threatens our personal liberty – whether you're snake, shark, hawk or hound, your freedom is at stake!

If you believe, as Snake does, that individual rights and self-determination are worth preserving, you need to "Vote Snake!" by November 6th. Because when the Snake eats…we're really feeding freedom!

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